Customized Operation Pipe

 Main Shaft
 Gera Box (Color)
 Gear Box (tooth)
 Shaft (Dia.)  26 (Home)   28 (Pro.)   
 Handle Type
 U Type(Bike) 
 D Type
 Auto Start  (Gun Type) 
 Shaft Activity
  (Drive Shaft Rotary)
 Metal Blade (tooth)
 40 (80) 
 String Line
 1 pack (*1)
 1 pound 
 20 kg 
 Single comfort w/  quick realease
* ESCO brush cutter PIPE work with 2-stroke & 4-stroke engines.
* ESCO brush cutter PIPE  is with short shipping schedule & customer's OEM brand is welcomed.
*A custom-made order(Label ie: KOGT, TAIWANGRYN ...) is acceptable. Welcome further contact with us for more details.
*1  1 pack means:  Dia: 3.0 mm,  24.0 mm long, 100pcs inone pack.  
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