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• Using attached 4 socket screws, secure the
connection firmly with equal force.
Slip the right-side handlebar into the throttle grip. Locate the throttle grip so that the stopper bolt can pass through the stopper hole.
Securely tighten the stopper bolt and nut.
(1) Loosen the two bolts of the lower cap and remove the lower cap.
(2) Position the handle bracket against the handle label located on the outer tube.
(3) Attach the lower cap with the two bolts and tighten the bolts. Make sure the front handle is in position per the illustration.
(4) Secure the cable to the outer pipe
with the two bands as the illustration shows. The two bands are in the tool bag.

• Attach the guard
to the clamp on
the outer pipe just
touching the
gearcase. Fix it
with  bolts.