* General maintenance

How do I ensure the life of my machine?

Professional units are designed to last up to and some cases above 1000 hours compared to 50 to 100 hours of operation for lower-end mass merchant brands. However you can do a few things to maintain your unit to ensure you get maximum use from it;

Daily Maintenance

WARNING: Before performing any maintenance repair or cleaning work on the unit make sure the engine and cutting attachments are completely stopped. Disconnect the spark plug wire before performing service or maintenance work.

Please refer to your units owners manual before doing any maintenance or servicing on you machine. If you do not feel confident in servicing and your machine yourself or if you experience problems with your machine that servicing does not fix please see an authorised dealer.  

Prior to each work day, perform the following:

Remove all dirt and debris from the engine, check the cooling fins and air cleaner for clogging and clean as necessary.
Carefully remove any accumulations of dirt or debris from the muffler and fuel tank. Dirt build up in these areas can lead to engine overheating fire or premature wear.
Check for loose or missing screws or components. Make sure the cutting attachment is securely fastened
Check the entire unit for leaking fuel or grease.

Every 10 hours of use more frequently in dusty  or dirty situations

Remove the air cleaner element from the carburetor and clean thoroughly with soap and water or compressed air, let dry before reinstalling the element.

Every 10-15 hours of maintenance remove and clean the spark plug. Adjust the plug electrode gap to be 0.6mm. If the plug must be replaces use only what is recommended by the owner’s manual

CAUTION: Before removing the spark plus, clean the area around the plug to prevent dirt and debris from getting into the engines internal parts.

Every 50 hours of use

Remove and clean the cylinder cover and clean grass and dirt from the cylinder fins

Purge the gear case of grease and replace with new grease. See gear case purging procedure

Use a hooked wire extract the fuel filter from inside the fuel tank. Remove and replace filter element. Before reinstalling the filter, inspect the condition of the fuel line. If damage or deterioratation are noted the unit should be removed from service unit it can be inspected by a technician.

CAUTION: Make sure you do not pierce the fuel line with the end of the hooked wire, the line is delicate and can be damaged easily.   

Every 135 hours of use or if the engine becomes hard to start and has low power . The spark arrestor screen should be inspected and cleaned.

WARNING: Never operate the unit with a damaged or missing muffler or spark arrester! Operating with missing or damaged exhaust components is a fire hazard and could also damage your hearing

Remove the spark plug boot

Remove the engine cover by loosening the engine cover knob (the knob is captive) and lifting the cover from the engine.

Remove the spark arrestor screen screw

Remove the spark arrestor screen and clean with a stiff bristle brush.
IMPORTANT: if carbon deposits are severe or if no performance improvement if noted, this unit should be inspected by an authorized  dealer.