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This section describes the basic safety precautions for
working with clearing saws and trimmers.
If you encounter a situation where you are uncertain how to
proceed you should ask an expert. Contact your dealer or
your service workshop.
Avoid all usage which you consider to be beyond your
You must understand the difference between forestry
clearing, grass clearing and grass trimming before use.
Basic safety rules
1 Look around you:
- To ensure that people, animals or other things cannot
affect your control of the machine.
- To ensure that people, animals, etc., do not come into
contact with the cutting attachment or loose objects
that are thrown out by the cutting attachment.
- CAUTION! Do not use the machine unless you are
able to call for help in the event of an accident.

2 Do not use the machine in bad weather, such as dense
fog, heavy rain, strong wind, intense cold, etc. Working in
bad weather is tiring and often brings added risks, such as
icy ground, unpredictable felling direction, etc.
3 Make sure you can move and stand safely. Check the area
around you for possible obstacles (roots, rocks, branches,
ditches, etc.) in case you have to move suddenly. Take
great care when working on sloping ground.
4 Take great care when cutting a tree that is in tension. A
tree that is in tension may spring back to its normal
position before or after being cut. If you position yourself
incorrectly or make the cut in the wrong place the tree may
hit you or the machine and cause you to lose control. Both
situations can cause serious personal injury.
5 Switch off the engine before moving to another area. Fit
the transport guard before carrying or transporting the
equipment any distance.

6 Never put the machine down with the engine running
unless you have it in clear sight.
Adjusting the harness and clearing saw
    WARNING! When using a clearing saw it
must always be hooked securely to the
harness. Otherwise you will be unable to
control the clearing saw safely and this can
result in injury to yourself or others. Never
use a harness with a defective quick release.
Always use a double harness that
distributes the load across both shoulders.
Safety release
Certain harnesses also have a quick release fitted to the
support hook. Push down the red release lever to release the
machine from the harness.
Spreading the load on your shoulders
A well-adjusted harness and machine makes work much
easier. Adjust the harness for the best working position.
Correct height

1 Forestry clearing
Adjust the support strap so that the support hook is
around 10 cm below your hip. The blade should be angled
forward a little.

2 Grass clearing
The support hook should hang around 20 cm below your
hip so that the blade is parallel to the ground.
Correct balance
1 Forestry clearing
Move the hanging ring on the machine forward or
backward. It is easier to avoid sawing into the ground if the
blade is balanced a few dm above the ground.

2 Grass clearing
Let the blade balance at a comfortable cutting height, i.e.
close to the ground.
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