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Brush cutter


Take time to read the operator's manual before using your brush cutter the first time. Safety instructions and safety symbols offer the best defense against an accident and injury.

Know what you're doing before you start a brush cutter. Untrained operators are more likely to cause accidents.

Kids and portable power equipment do not mix. Do not allow children to use your brush cutter.

When operating your string trimmer, watch for bystanders, children, and pets. Keep them at least 50 feet away for safety.

Wear full eye and hearing protection when operating a string trimmer.

Wear protective clothing when using a brush cutter. Long pants, closed-toe shoes, and gloves are best. Don't wear loose clothing or jewelry.

If you have long hair, keep it secure above the shoulder while operating a brush cutter.

Alcohol, medications, drugs, fatigue, and illness increase the chance of accidents and injury. It's best not to operate your brush cutter under those conditions.

Brush cutter safety tips: Keep firm footing and balance; don't overreach; be sure lighting conditions are adequate; keep your body away from the rotating string head and hot surfaces. Be sure to keep the string head below waist level.

Use your string trimmer only for weeds and grass. It's not designed to trim shrubbery, climbing ivy, or other greenery not at ground level.

Before each use, inspect your string trimmer for loose fasteners, fuel leaks, and a cracked or chipped string head. Replace damaged parts.

Never start or run an engine inside a closed area. BREATHING EXHAUST FUMES CAN KILL.

If you are a do-it-yourselfer for engine maintenance and repairs, remember to remove the spark plug before beginning repairs.

For two-cycle engines, follow fueling and premixing instructions carefully. Wipe up any fuel spillage quickly to prevent the possibility of fire. Immediately replace fuel cap to minimize pollution and reduce chance of fire or explosion.

Know your fire prevention regulations. In some states and on US Forestry Service land, product users must comply with appropriate safety regulations such as the installation of a spark arrestor.

Remember that for all yard and garden equipment a "safety-always attitude" is your best defense against accidents and injuries.

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